• Certificate of Competency for Construction and Installation of Electric Power Distribution Medium Voltage Cable Lines and Extra High, High, Medium, Low Voltage Air Lines

  • Certificate of competence for the Construction and Installation of Substations, Extra High Substations, and Switchgear

  • Certificate of Competency in Maintenance of Electrical Power Distribution Control Cables, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Computer Systems and Peripherals, SCADA Data Transmission Systems

  • Certificate of Competency in Development and Installation of Controls and Instruments in Micro-hydro Power Plants, Diesel Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, New and Renewable Energy Power Plants

  • Certificate of Competency of Occupational Safety and Health Specialist in the Field of Electrical and Electrical Technicians

  • Business Entity Certificate issued by PT. AK LIMA in the distribution of Medium Voltage Networks and Low Voltage Networks, Transmissions and Substations

  • Calibration certificate issued by PT. KALIMAN