Hospital, office, Retail stores, hotel, Shopping mall, exhibition hall, indoor Lighting, indoor park, factories, schools, home, etc


Low power consumption
High intensity
No harm hazards, like mercury & lead
No RF interference
Solid state , high shock/ vibration resistant
No radiation & stroboscopic
Maintenance free
over current & reversed polarity protection
No danger of broken glass
Longer lifespan 50, 000 hours


Luminous : 450-1500Lm
Power : 5W-15W
Input voltage : AC100V-265V
Color : White, warm white
Env. Temp : -20° C to 45° C
Env. Humidty : > 95%
Color temp : 2800 – 7500K, 70Ra


PC cover ( Transparant & Milky)
Aluminium alloy shell